Thursday, March 31, 2016

I Have Authorized My Children To Act With Extreme Prejudice

Whether through withering look or Sith lordship - we will kill all...
Whether through withering look or Sith lordship - we will kill all...
We are watching this movie on Netflix called "The Hunting Grounds," about on-campus rape.

Obviously, I am very worried about my children as they grow up and head off to college. Both of them.

So I have authorized the both of them to act with Extreme Prejudice against any attempted or would-be or successful rapist. By Extreme Prejudice, I mean I am giving them my permission for them to assault, even kill, their attacker either during the attack - or after.

This means that if they do choose to follow their college campus' rules of trying to prosecute their attacker first - and yet find their trust in the rules to be forsaken... I will assist them in taking their revenge.

"Did you say revenge?" you ask.

Um, yes... duh.

Had a talk with the kids the other day about what to do in case of an emergency at the house (or normal monthly safety meeting). These emergencies include what to do in case of home invasion (don't try it. seriously. you will be so screwed). We talked through a variety of scenarios (like you do), and during those they brought up several possible things that included a variety of attackers... more so than beyond standard B&E or home invasion. So much so, as the matter of fact, that in the end, we introduced them to the new choice:

You need to survive any attack so that you can revenge our deaths.

That's right - I told the kids to revenge our deaths. And then further, went through telling them to do it by any means possible. Going so far as to outline several ways that they could do it:
(1) Make friends with our attackers children. Gain their trust. In turn, gain their parents trust. Kill them all at a family gathering - making sure they know whose children you are before destroying all of them.
(2) Start dating one of them or their children. Make them fall totally in love with you! Then use their love to turn them against their family and the people who killed us. Make sure the one who falls in love with you takes the fall for everything and kills themselves, too.
(3) Gain political and social power. Use that power to destroy our attackers personal wealth and self-esteem. Force them into a situation where they kill themselves, or you have the chance to utterly destroy them - after revealing, of course, who you are and who your parents were.

The key point is that they must make sure their victims KNOW why this is happening to them.

So - this means that not only will this be our childrens' plans and their mode of attack - they are already for-armed against such attacks, too.

Just now Alice asked me what I was writing about and I told her - she pointed out that in this movie we are watching they talked about how a football player attacked & raped a girl, the college did nothing, she ended up killing herself after being threatened. Alice and I said - immediately - that we would make sure that football player ended up dead. And, honestly, kind of judged her father for not taking that kid out himself. ANYWAY - Alice said she would willingly go to jail for avenging our children by killing their attacker.

I pointed out to her that NEITHER of us will have to go to jail - that I will make sure someone else pays the price for it. At this point - most likely that person will be Donald Trump.

REVENGE IS A DISH BEST SERVED COLD.  - Shakespeare, bitches.

They've practiced. He can hit any spot he wants at any time... and so can she.