Monday, June 6, 2016

This Needs To Be Said (Or At Least Written Out & Shared)

I had someone specifically post on my Facebook account asking me to address this situation. I waited a few days to think about it - and am glad I did, because more came out about it that needs to be addressed, too. So here we go...

What needs to be discussed?

This waste of space right here: Brock Turner.
Brock Turner, obviously. That's the ex-Stanford swimmer charged and convicted of raping an unconscious woman in 2015 - but given a "too lenient" sentence of six (6) months for his crime. While there is three (3) years probation attached to that sentence... so what? As District Attorney Dick Rosen said, "The punishment does not fit the crime. The sentence does not factor in the true seriousness of this sexual assault, or the victim's ongoing trauma. Campus rape is no different than off-campus rape. Rape is rape." More details of the assault and sentencing are available on this article.

The facts in a nutshell: Turner was drunk twice the legal limit (underage, btw), when he was caught in the act of raping an unconscious coed behind a dumpster by two cyclists, who then had to tackle him & hold him for police when he tried to run away. He was convicted on three (3) felony counts, folks. By a jury of his peers.

But this sentence by Judge Aaron Perky (a Stanford alumni, btw), which can barely be considered a "slap on the wrist," is horrifically compounded by the letter his father, Dan Turner, wrote to ask for FURTHER leniency for his son. Especially the part where the Dan stated that why should his son be punished for "20 minutes of action," then insinuates the young woman assaulted may have had it coming through drinking and "sexual promiscuity."

On the right is this toolbag's father: Dan Turner

It has been stated - and I will restate it here - that it is in serious doubt Dan Turner would have penned such a letter about his daughter if she had been assaulted the way Brock raped his victim. While Dan might say Brock "has never been violent," I wonder how many stories will come out about him now that he actually got busted for something?

Here's another thing: this guy, Brock, is originally from the Dayton, Ohio area (Oakwood - which is the Beverly Hills of the area). The area I am originally "from" (as much as I can be "from" anywhere...). The area that my family got a house in so the kids could be closer to the grandparents. The area where the kids go to school The area where the kids are on a swim team.

  • Let me put this out there the way I put it to my own kids: IF my son were to engage in such heinous behavior, he will pay the consequences for it. Yes, of course, I will get the best lawyer I can to defend him, yada yada -- BUT he will NOT victim blame. Brock's lawyer behaving that way is a reflection of his client's beliefs and behaviors - make no mistake.
  • As for my daughter: IF she were to be assaulted in that (or any) way, her attacker better pray that they get slammed with the maximum sentence (in this case, 14 years was the max), because otherwise as soon as they get out I will do everything to them that they did to her. Or, rather, I will hold them down while SHE takes her revenge in kind!

"Hey man," I can hear some of you saying to yourselves, "that seems awfully harsh. Is that really justice?"

Yes. Yes, it is.

Do not forget that one time when being interviewed by a law school (I was working for a lawyer at the time), I responded to a question that I believed in Trial By Combat as an effective means of conflict resolution. I think they thought I was joking... but I was not. I don't believe that choking someone to death over selling loose cigarettes is justice (as Eric Garner was), any more than I believe jail time for stealing all of someone's money is (as Bernard Madoff is). But I am also not a fool enough to believe in the courts to do my job for me...

"First thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers!Henry VI Part 2 / Act 4 Scene 2

Honestly, what is it that creates people like Brock & Dan? I feel like it is this area...

The SAME area where in 2012, Jesse Whitaker from (nearby) Bellbrook was 17 when he killed three (3) fellow classmates crashing the truck he was driving. Then he got busted at age 20 in another car accident - which was a DUI (still underage!). Then a couple weeks later got busted AGAIN for underage drinking at University of Dayton!! This is only one of many examples of privilege - and what brings them about talked about in this article:

And why don't the Police do anything? Or, rather, aren't I worried about the Police if I exact revenge on someone? Well - this is a Police Department still unable to find a suspect for the killing of one of their own (Officer Kevin Brame) nearly 17 years ago. And have "exhausted all leads" trying to find any suspect in the stabbing of a 2nd grader on the playground of her own school just over a month ago. One officer personally told me how the department had busted a student from nearby Wright State University with a car trunk full of drugs - obviously meant for sale - but had all charges dropped when the (white) kid's dad got him a lawyer. I'm not worried.

While I am not saying that this area is part of the problem... I am saying that this area is part of the problem. OH - and stop calling him an "ex-swimmer," or whatever. Call him what he is:  BROCK ALLAN TURNER IS A RAPIST.

This a**hole right here. Brock Tuner: Rapist.
* In this Buzzfeed article is a letter from the woman who was assaulted (which she read aloud in court):
* Help remove Judge Aaron Perky from the bench:
* Dan A & Carleen Turner (Brock's parents) no longer live at 230 Volusia Avenue in Oakwood. Here are some details about them: