Friday, July 15, 2016

My Child Got an Instagram Account!

Oh yes! End of the world! My 11-year-old son got an Instagram account!

We may be over-reacting a bit. It is not the end of the world. It IS, however, something pretty close.

The front page of the new Instagram account. Feel free to add him.
Feel free to add him to your instagram here:

Overall, pretty innocent looking, right?? Check this out:

Wait... Your WHAT?!

His mom flipped the script after seeing that comment!!

But, wait - who are these "babes," exactly?! 

These lovely young ladies are erstwhile "fans" of the Green Monster. His mother and I let him start his own Instagram, which he controls (his appearance on America's Got Talent is what led directly to the creation of his Facebook page and Twitter account, which are controlled by me), in response to the Instagram account his friends set up. You can check it out here:

The Monster met these girls while at Lion King Camp, which his grandmother sent him to. A week-long program that was coordinated with the touring musical production of Disney's The Lion King, directed by Julie Taymor. His alleged "celebrity" at having appeared on AGT, Nickelodeon, and other shows brought him to the attention of plenty of folks. 

And that has always been nice and good. We are used to the Monster being kind of "known."

"Consent goes both ways," her comment reads.

What we are all having to deal with is that he is growing up!! He is trying to be independent. While I am the one who manages & monitors his Facebook & Twitter accounts, he is the one in control of his Instagram which he uses to converse with his friends a bit.

Not that we don't monitor that account, too. We have all the passwords and everything - not to mention he does not have his own phone... the account is on one of my phones! We haven't let him go completely...

But soon --

Pretty sure this is what his account tells him.

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