Monday, April 6, 2015

Riding Is Running Your Own Life

It had been my goal to do two posts a week. One in Monday & one in Friday. It's turning out to be harder than I thought. 

Sometimes I get a bit ahead, but between shows, work, and everything else... whew!

Yesterday (Easter Sunday) we went to our friend's house, who was cleaning out one of his garages. He had set aside a bike for me, and was going through some of the many bikes, motorcycles and minibikes. The kids were thrilled, of course, upon seeing the minibikes. 

And, honestly, who could blame them?

I was most pleased to see my daughter, even in the dress she had picked out to wear for dinner with my parents along with my sister and her husband, was not dissuaded from jumping on and wanting to ride herself. NOT wanting to be on the back as a passenger. 

This was true even for the full-size bikes. 

Her mother and I worked with her a bit about what it will mean for her to be a good passenger, when the time comes. Sitting close, holding on, and leaning into the turns. But overall, she is way more interested in riding herself. 

And, I like to think, run her own life.

Easy Rider for the 21st Century. 

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