Friday, January 16, 2015

Dating Tips For My Son (From His Mother)

My son keeps track of his rules in a notebook of his own construction.

When I started this blog, I told a story. A true story. The story of my 9-year-old son asking his mother how to talk to girls and then have a relationship. Read that story here:

Okay - let's talk about it! (Wait... you didn't read it, yet? How did you get this far. Go ahead... We'll give you a few minutes. You'll like it. It's an easy read.)

If you are having trouble reading his entry in the photo above, here are the dating tips given by his mother that he wrote down: 1.) Interduce (sic) yourself. 2.) communication like how you feel 3.) Hon-esty 4) be the best you can be 5.) cheeck (sic) for a ring.

His mother is obviously a very smart woman! These are probably the five (5) most basic rules there are, gents. So simple - yet so beyond so many... Let us go through each one individually:
  1. Introduce yourself. Confident smile on your face, relaxed posture, look her right in the eye, and say, "Hi, my name is..." A nice follow up is, "How are you?" It is amazing how so many are too quick to try a pick up line, or some other "witty" comment. Why not be up front? And while you are doing that...
  2. Communication. Like how you feel. You have to communicate. You cannot just have in your head what you want from the other person - you have to be able to articulate it. Not just verbally, either! Your body communicates. Your eyes express your emotions -- they let a person know how you feel.
  3. Honesty. This is not just about honesty in your communication with another person. It means honesty with yourself. You have to really know yourself: who you are and what you are comfortable with. That leads to the next point --
  4. Be the best you can be. We have always told our son: be the best you you can be. Whatever your interests, your goals may be, know yourself. The confidence that comes with that is more of an icebreaker than anything else. Sure, it is a fine line between confidence and being conceited... but it reminds me of Brendan Fraser's line in his movie Blast From the Past: "A gentleman always makes sure everyone around him is as comfortable as possible."
  5. Check for a ring. My son actually came up with this one on his own - but, as his mother pointed out, even if she does ave a ring, that does not mean that you cannot give her a compliment. Neither of you owes the other anything but respect.
So, kids, these are the basics. The core of what you need to build from. 

I hope my son keeps that notebook of his forever, and takes the time to look at it and review it again and again.

Probably not very comfortable for anyone involved.

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  1. Smart woman, indeed! So very simple and yet, sadly, it's getting to the point that it's the exact opposite of what people are actually doing out there. They get this idea in their head of what the other person is supposed to be, garner and image of themselves that they think will catch that person and expect an automatic solid relationship to result. It's madness...